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September 2017

Expansion of the iced water despension fermentation tanks in a brewery with Braumat.

  • Visualisation PCS7 V7 
  • Virtualization VMware 6.5 ESXi Hypervisor

September 2017

Integration of a mobile crusher in the existing control system PSA PCS via Modbus/TCP



September 2017

Stage 1: New installation of CEMAT Minerals in a gypsum plant in Russia completed.

  • visualization PCS7 V8.2, redundant server client system with web server
  • 1 Simatic S7 400 series

Stage 2 will be completed in 2018

August 2017

The conversion from CEMAT V4 to PSA PCS (PSA Process Control System) in a gypsum plant has been completed.

  • visualization WinCC Version 7.2, redundant  server client system 
  • project planning with Step 7
  • 4 Simatic S7 400 series

August 2017

Start-up of our new web presence for better, more accurate and more comprehensive information for your success!



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