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March 2019

The last parts are arriving at the plant, the cement production line is on the home stretch towards heating up. Simatic PCS7 V9 SP1 CEMAT Minerals are in use.


January 2019

Cement plant in Georgia in operation.

  • PCS7 V 9 Minerals CEMAT 

October 2018

Commissioning in Georgia is nearly finished. 
  • Simatic PCS7 V9
  • Cemat V9 Minerals 


July 2018

Commissioning is starting for new kiln line in south west German cement plant.

  • Simatic PCS7 V9
  • Cemat V9 Minerals

June 2018

Russian cement plant receives tyre system Cemat V7 Simatic PCS7 V7. 


June 2018

Delivery of control cabinet and commissioning of new fermentation tanks in brewery Simatic PCS7 V7 Braumat. 

May 2018

South German cement plant in the Swabian Alb receives a new kiln line. Upgrade of laboratory from Simatic PCS7 V7 Cemat V7 to PCS7 V9 Cemat Minerals V9 completed. 

April 2018

Commissioning of new Redecam filters in a German cement plant.

  • PCS7 V 7 CEMAT 
  • 1 Simatic 400 series

April 2018

Connecting the medium voltage to PxTrend or PCS7 V9 Minerals WinCC.

In this case we connect the ABB REF615/620... with PxTrend.

Communication interface ICE61850-8-1 or MODBUS TCP/IP.


April 2018

New kiln line for a cement plant in Georgia.

  • FAT in Chengdu China
  • PCS7 V 9.0 Minerals
  • 3 Simatic S7-410-H

March 2018

PSA delivers bulk loading system to Russian cement plant near St. Petersburg

  • PCS7 V 8.2 Minerals.



February 2018

Delivery of PxTrend system to Ukrainian cement plant.

  • Connection of 3 FLS ACESYS control systems to PxTrend

January 2018

Delivery of PxTrend system to Russian cement plant near Kazakhstan border.

  •  Connection of 2 PCS7 V8.0 control systems to PxTrend

Deсember 2017

South German cement plant in the Swabian Alb receives a new kiln line. The old auxiliary systems control systems will be upgraded from PCS7 V7 Cemat V7 to Simatic PCS7 V9 Cemat V9 Minerals.


  • 4 Simatic S7
  • FAT completed.

Oktober 2017

Integration into a PSA PCS WINCC control system in the gypsum plant around a Simatic S7 300 series.

Delivery of control cabinets and software for bulk loading.


Oktober 2017

Exchanging existing ESXi Server in a cement plant in Germany.

  • Takeover of all existing virtual systems Cemat, PCS7 V6
  • Extension of a virtual machine for the long-term data archive "PxTrend"

September 2017

Expansion of the iced water despension fermentation tanks in a brewery with Braumat.

  • Visualisation PCS7 V7 
  • Virtualization VMware 6.5 ESXi Hypervisor

September 2017

Integration of a mobile crusher in the existing control system PSA PCS via Modbus/TCP

September 2017

New installation of CEMAT Minerals in a gypsum plant in Russia completed.

Stage 1.

  • visualization PCS7 V8.2, redundant server client system with web server
  • 1 Simatic S7 400 series

Stage 2 will be completed in 2018

August 2017

The conversion from CEMAT V4 to PSA PCS (PSA Process Control System) in a gypsum plant has been completed.

  • visualization WinCC Version 7.2, redundant  server client system 
  • project planning with Step 7
  • 4 Simatic S7 400 series

August 2017

Start-up of our new web presence for better, more accurate and more comprehensive information for your success!

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