CEMAT® is a process control system specifically developed for the cement industry. It is a system for optimized productivity, availability and better energy efficiency.

CEMAT® increases engineering and enables our customers to have a shorter “time to market”.

CEMAT® is based on reliable Simantic PCS7 modules. It has an on-board database with cement specific modules and works with standard interfaces in order to avoid programming errors. Due to the standardized „Faceplates“, the system is extremely user-optimized and it provides meaningful and comprehensive error messages. This leads to a rapid fault analysis and keeps downtime to a minimum. Thereby downtimes can be minimized.

We apply CEMAT® successfully since 1989 in the cement, lime and gypsum industries.



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Minerals® – with the MINERALS AUTOMATION STANDARD, Siemens set a new standard in the Mining Industry. Minerals® is based on CEMAT®, the market leader for process control systems in the cement industry. It has been created for the specific requirements in the mining industry. Therefore Minerals® is the ideal process control system for economical and future-oriented solutions in the mining industry.



From Limestone to Cement (german video)

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