Process data management PxTrend

Modern process plants produce enormous amounts of data: countless process values, reports, batch data and status information of intelligent field devices run every millisecond through bus lines, are processed in automation systems and output on multiple screens.


The resulting data flood is not easy to manage and important information may get lost. With PxTrend you can save and use all the relevant data in order to increase the plant productivity, to optimize your processes with a maximum of energy efficiency. 


The long-term archiving of the plant data together with the company-wide access to these data help to come to right decisions based on secured data. As a result productivity can be increased while costs may be reduced.


PxTrend can be tailored to meet your needs. The concept is based on:


  • data migration directly from the process
  • effective archiving of your process data, reports and information
  • company-wide access through supported web browsers
  • cost-effective and simple to implement
  • web-based data management system
  • central data storage
  • long-term archiving (10 years and more)
  • simple and individual reporting solutions that may be imported to Excel for example
  • plant playback function
  • fault analysis with playback function
  • message archive
  • web-based (no client licenses)
  • low operating costs because no annual license fees are incurred


With PxTrend your process data can be called up company-wide from several automation systems and data sources over many years. PxTrend’s architecture allows a user-friendly access to process data via pc, tablet or smartphone.


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