Protect your Production Reliability by the Virtualization of your Infrastructure! We rely on VMware!

The development of new hardware or operating systems gets faster and faster. On an almost daily basis we hear from newly launched systems. Outdated hardware and older operating systems disappear from product portfolios. The reliability of many plants is endangered by this development.


Most companies still have some older applications that still run on a Windows 2003 serves – such as time recording, stock control or material flow! But what, if this computer crashes?


We successfully implement the virtualization of complete process control systems in various industries.

Some examples are:

• brewery (PCS7 V7 Braumat) southern Germany
• cement plant (PCS7 V5 CEMAT V5) northern Germany

• cement plant (PCS7 V6.1 CEMAT V6.1) northern Germany
• gravel plant (WinCC V6) southern Germany
• cement plant (CEMAT V4 , PCS7 V7 CEMAT V7 , PCS7 V8 CEMAT V8northern Germany

• cement plant (PCS7 V9.0 SP2 CEMAT V9) southern Germany




The virtualization of process control systems is a modern alternative to an upgrade. This is an economically interesting and future-proof solution – also for your applications. 


But VMware is not only a solution as an alternative to running old operating systems for a longer period, it can also be used for new installations. Above all, the flexibility to back up complete virtual machines or to move them in the virtual environment during operation.


• cement plant (PCS7 V9.0 Minerals V9.0) southern Germany

• cement plant (PCS V9.0) Kazakhstan
• cement grinding plant (PCS7 V9.0 Minerals 9.0) southern Germany

• cement plant (PCS7 V9.0 Minerals V9.0) southern Germany


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